Beverly Hills dermatologist hails 'Reflation'

08 May 2013

stk212525rkeA Beverley Hills dermatologist has named the main culprit of aging facial skin as “deflation” – and recommends a new procedure to fight the sag. Doctors are now using a host of compounds to lift, mould and contour – most visits last no longer than one hour and recovery times are equally swift. According to California’s Ava Shamban, by age 50 or 60 most people have lost 20 per cent of their facial bone and fat and faces begin to sag and look gaunt.Shamban recommends a procedure developed in the UK, the aptly named Reflation. Unlike more superficial wrinkle-erasing treatments it entails injecting hyaluronic acid–based filler beneath the dermal layer, where it sits on top of the bone and props the skin up “The exciting world of facial reflation is a lot more than just Filler 2.0,” she said. “Using a variety of fillers, injection depths and multiple sites, reflation subtracts the years by restoring vital support structures beneath the skin.” It is said to be especially effective beneath the eyes, around the cheeks, at the nasolabial folds and even at the temples. Shamban says temples can sink over time and even the most expertly done face can look “off” if the they are left lying close to the skull. Shamban points out that a syringe of filler can make them look “fantastic”.