08 September 2008

Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton, two of Big Brother's biggest stars this year, underwent cosmetic procedures before Friday's finale.

The pair, who were the first couple to enter the Big Brother house, both got Botox injections before the final instalment of this year's series.

40-year-old Lisa, who said last week that she would spend her �25,000 prize money on lip surgery, also got dermal fillers in a London clinic the day before the event.

Before entering the house earlier this year, Lisa also underwent a breast enlargement operation, which saw her cup size rise from a C to a DD.

But Lisa is by no means the first Big Brother celebrity to use cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks before, or after, appearing on the show. Lea Walker, a contestant on Big Brother 2006, has spent �35,000 on cosmetic surgery and claims to have the largest breasts in Britain, at a size of 30M.

Other contestants like Chantelle Houghton, who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, opted for a breast enlargement nearly two years after leaving the house and has been described as "the new Katie Price" by some commentators.

Lee Peterson, a spokesman for Mario and Lisa's management company, Neon Management, told The Sun: "Once the stars of the show come out of the house they come to us to help manage their career - and in the fickle entertainment world image is everything so it's vital that they look their best.

"We've seen from experience that cosmetic surgery treatments can really help to sustain careers for many of the BB celebrities."