07 June 2010

While I was one of those people saying they've been getting fed up with Big Brother, I can't help feeling a little sad about the fact this will be the last one. It's become something of a summer tradition after all! Another thing BB has become is a showcase for some of the UK's most interesting people, for better or for worse, and it looks as though this year will be no different.I guess it's not surprising that the housemate I think I might find myself most interested in is Sarah Burge - a women who claims she's had 500,000 worth of cosmetic surgery and calls herself a real life Barbie doll. It's not so much that it worries me (although it sounds like someone with a bit of an addiction in my opinion), it's the fact I've heard of her before. She's the same person I wrote about a few months ago, because she was giving her 15 year old daughter Botox! 15 is far too young to be thinking about anti-ageing treatments like Botox, you can probably guess that I wasn't very impressed. I'll be really interested to see how she comes across on the show, and how much time she spends talking about this strange mission of hers to be like Barbie. In my opinion, cosmetic surgery is there to make you feel better about yourself and help you look more like the person you are, not more like someone else or something fake. It doesn't sound like Sarah Burge feels the same way, but I bet I could find more people who agree with me than would agree with her. Ah well, I suppose it will give me one more excuse to watch the show... I could even count it as work couldn't I? Almost :P