16 March 2009

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, a contestant on Big Brother 7, has been reported saying she'd like to undergo another breast enlargement. The Daily Star has reported that Aisleyne is hoping to have surgery for double-E boobs using the money she has earned from her new autobiography.Aisleyne had her first taste of cosmetic surgery in 2005, when she chose to have her first breast enlargement. She has worked as a glamour model and in promotions before appearing on Big Brother for the first time in 2006. After she appeared on Big Brother she was offered the opportunity to undergo a second breast surgery. At the time she said that she that it was "every girl's dream to have massive boobs, and if someone was going to pay for them, why not." Since her first appearance on the series, Aisleyne has moved on to appear on television and to model for the Daily Star and Zoo. Her book, Surviving Guns, Gangs and Glamour, is to be released this spring. She has said of the book: "There are a lot of things that happened to me as I was growing up that were actually quite difficult to deal with. I'm dredging up the hardest parts of my life and having to relive them." Aisleyne isn't the only Big Brother contestant to speak openly about her cosmetic surgeries. Previously, television presenter Ulrika Jonsson talked about her plans for a breast reduction while on the show. She told actress Tina Malone: "Take off my bra and I'd be sweeping the floor with them. I'm going to have them done. Lifted or reduced or whatever."