29 June 2012

Hollywood's top celebs appear to have helped ensure shapely bottoms are once again en vogue, with women everywhere looking to emulate the look. Stars including singer Beyonce Knowles, reality television personality Kim Kardashian, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara and of course, the queen of the shapely rear, Jennifer Lopez, have all helped to change attitudes and push the idea that bigger is better.And for many females who are not naturally endowed with a particularly curvy bum, cosmetic enhancement is the preferred option. At one Canadian cosmetic surgery clinic, bottom augmentations have become just as popular with patients as breast enhancement procedures. Even scientific research has confirmed that men appreciate curves. A 2010 study conducted at the University of Texas showed activity in an area of the brain associated with rewards when men asked to look at pictures of women who had undergone bottom augmentations. Toronto-based plastic surgeon Dr Sammy Sliwin told the Toronto Sun newspaper that women between the ages of 19 and 40 have come to him asking for help achieving a rounder derriere. He said: "Since J Lo's been around, everybody's wanted a fuller, sexier bum. "They're trying to look more shapely. The jeans, now, they want to have them filled." See original story here: