Bigger is still better according to British women

Bigger is still better according to British women

22 August 2015

It seems the nation is obsessed with boobs – and the bigger, the better as far as British women are concerned. According to new research conducted by, a huge 69 per cent of UK women are seeking an increase in their cup size.

With more than 11,000 Breast Surgery procedures performed each year in the UK, it may come as no surprise that’s survey of 7,000 women found 40 per cent of respondents had considered some form of Breast Augmentation.

For those who hadn’t considered Cosmetic Surgery, almost a third confessed to stuffing their bra with toilet tissue to make their breasts appear bigger.

The findings stand in stark contrast to other countries however, where Breast Reduction procedures are leading the way. In France and Italy, 71 per cent of women searched the internet for Breast Reduction, while a whopping eight in 10 American women wish their boobs were smaller.

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