16 October 2013

rbrb_2052Not every woman looking to improve the look of her bust wants bigger breasts. Many are instead simply looking to make the most of what they have. That's according to a top cosmetic surgeon based in Eugene, Oregon, who has outlined the most common reasons why women seek some form of breast enhancement procedure. Dr Kiya Movassaghi said: "For some it's about achieving symmetry. Others are seeking a reduction in size, while many women benefit from a breast lift."In such cases, Liposuction, rather than any form of implant, is often the recommended procedure, as it "can help enhance the breasts and provide overall balance for the silhouette," Dr Movassaghi added. Most American women seeking breast enlargement do so to correct asymmetrical breasts, he said, adding: "No woman has breasts that are perfectly alike: in extreme cases, one option for resolving the problem is the use of implants." "Other widely-used procedures are a breast lift to treat sagging breasts, and reduction surgery, which can help patients suffering from back, neck and shoulder problems resulting from having large breasts", says Dr Movassaghi.