05 August 2011

Silhouette of woman singing into a microphoneStacy Ann Ferguson, better known as Fergie from pop band the Black Eyed Peas, has denied rumours that she has spent thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery. Speaking in this months issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Fergie said that it was ridiculous to suggest that she had spent 20,000 on plastic surgery when in fact she claims she has had no work done at all.The 36-year-old has been the subject of many cosmetic surgery rumours over the years but denies that any of them are true. During the interview, she also admitted that while she has accepted her curvy figure, she does struggle to eat healthily and keep in the best shape. Posing in a tight yellow top and black and white striped mini skirt for the cover of the fashion and lifestyle magazine, she says junk food is her downfall a result of late nights and weeks on the road.