Body confidence special!

06 October 2011

dv1292015Our latest ‘Fan Question’ on The Harley Medical Group Facebook page gave us a great big boost about the idea that people out there have a really healthy view of themselves, how they look and how to achieve body confidence. Talking about the hot topic of the moment – Jodie Marsh – we asked our Facebook fans: ‘On This Morning, Jodie Marsh said that since she has gained a bodybuilder physique she has attracted a lot more men...What do you think? Would you be willing to change your shape so you could attract more men?’The response was a resounding ‘no’! One fan wrote: “I would change my shape in order to become more CONFIDENT, as opposed to attracting more men. I believe that sex appeal is 80% confidence, the rest is what u have. “I believe every woman [& man] should do whatever it takes to help them become confident, happy in their own skin & fearless around other people. If that's changing your shape, changing what you eat, what you wear, how much exercise you do, changing your hair colour, even changing the people you hang out with. ANYTHING. No one should judge anyone else's pursuit of happiness, good feelings or confidence.” Body confidence can be difficult to achieve in a world of airbrushed models and size zeros, but according to you, our fans, the most important thing is to be confident for yourself and no one else – and do whatever it takes to achieve that. Another fan commented: “I would also change my shape to change my confidence, cos the type of man I would want to attract is the 1 who goes for my personality.” Many of our patients choose breast enlargement surgery, nose reshaping surgery, liposuction and many of our other surgical and non-surgical procedures to achieve the body they have complete confidence in. Win £1,000 and a chance to be the Face of The Harley Medical Group 2012 by entering our body confidence competition on our Facebook page. Good luck!