26 February 2014

Red lipsA fuller lip look is proving popular among young Indian women, with rumours of one Bollywood actress's supposed Fillers said to be prompting a new wave of interest in the treatment. While Anushka Sharma's lip job created a social media backlash, it has also led to a rise in the number of women enquiring about Lip Augmentations.The Times of India reports that this is especially the case because "Fillers like Juvederm are a good alternative to surgery, are absolutely safe and can have wonderful results in the hands of experts". Dr Rashmi Shetty, who runs a Cosmetic Surgery practice in the country, told the newspaper: "People have a lot of misconceptions about cosmetic procedures. They believe that a change in appearance can only be obtained through surgery. He added: "We are pleased to tell them that there are other options too. The most popular among them are dermal fillers like Juvederm which can be administered inside the skin to give more volume to the desired area and it is a procedure that lasts just 20 minutes." Lasting six months to a year, Juvederm injections can therefore allow a patient to return to their original look if they wish, or to undergo a further course to maintain their new look, Dr Shetty added. Have you ever given your lips an added boost? Send us a tweet and let us know.