09 June 2010

India's Hindu-language film industry Bollywood is best known for featuring beautiful dancers flashing their torsos, so it's no surprise that many of its leading stars are just as eager to embrace cosmetic surgery as their Western counterparts.Two of Bollywood's biggest stars were recently rumoured to have chosen cosmetic surgery solutions to boost their appearance, according to celebrity website Digital Spy - 29-year-old Neha Dhupia, who is said to have had Botox, and 23-year-old Kangana Ranaut, whose noticeably larger bust caused speculation that she had a boob job. Speaking to news site Mahiram before her appearance in the film Kites, Kangana denied that she had undergone plastic surgery, stating: "My face looks different as I have put on weight. I was sick of my thin body. The world is dying to get skinny, and I like to be different." However, some commentators believe she may have boosted her bust to help her career and land larger roles, which is increasingly commonplace in Bollywood. Actresses such as Sherlyn Chopra have previously been open about their breast enlargements. Neha Dhupia has also not admitted to having wrinkle-relaxing Botox injections, but she was reported as looking "different from her usual self" at the recent premiere of her new film, Dear Friend Hitler. It isn't just women in Bollywood who are seeking cosmetic enhancements either, after it was reported last year that more actors and dancers in their 20s are choosing treatments such as laser hair removal to make them more comfortable showing off their chests. Some clinics in India have even seen the number of men choosing cosmetic surgery being as high as the number of female patients.