20 December 2011

Boob jobs, tattoos and piercings have topped the list of alternative Christmas present ideas for 2011. According to a poll conducted by price comparison site, this years Christmas ideas swing between practical and unusual, with very little in between. Of those surveyed, 64 per cent admitted they are finding it harder and harder to buy truly original presents, with 43 per cent of people complaining that the people they are buying for already have everything.Practical presents include socks and pants, both of which have become more popular than ever before due to the tough financial circumstances many people have found themselves in this year. Eight per cent of people are asking for essential home maintenance for Christmas this year. Gifts for 10 people will cost an average of 528 according to the research, with 70 per cent of people planning to spend the same as they did last year, and 30 per cent trying to cut down on the expense of Christmas.