08 September 2011

100994163A 65-year-old great grandmother has said an operation to enlarge her breasts from an A to an F-cup has made a real difference to her life. Joan Lloyd has been drawing a state pension for the past five years, but firmly believed the cosmetic surgery procedure was the right option for her. The former model, from Abergele in North Wales, opted to have the operation after her husband died last year.She keeps herself in shape by doing around 2,000 leg exercises each day, along with 300 press-ups. Joan said: "I feel so much more confident it has given me a new lease of life. "I think I am still very fit and I have maintained a nice slim shape. But after carrying four children, coupled with getting older, my breast volume decreased and I was very unhappy. I wanted to have them enhanced but it never seemed to be the right time." Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, plastic surgeon Kevin Hancock, said an increasing number of older women are now having the procedure done. He said: "Joan's case demonstrates it doesn't matter what age you are. Cosmetic surgery can dramatically improve your quality of life."