08 December 2011

Plastic surgery procedures that are visible are proving to be the most popular with female patients.Nose jobs, boob jobs and face lifts have topped a list of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for 2010. According to the latest industry figures, 38,274 surgical procedures were carried out in 2010, compared with 36,482 in the previous year an increase of 5 per cent. Of those who underwent procedures, almost 90 per cent (34,413) were women.Nose reshaping surgery, breast enlargement and uplift procedures and face lift surgery were identified as the types of surgery that the majority of patients undergo in other words the procedures that give the most visible results to people other than the patients themselves. In addition to this, according to market research company Mintel, the market for older patients grew 17 per cent from 2008 to 2010, and reached a market value of 2.3 billion.