05 May 2009

My mobile phone contract just ran out and, even though I didn't really mean to, I found myself signing up for a shiny new iPhone! I was a little dubious at first and I spent most of the holiday weekend trying to get to grips with its touchscreen but now I love it. One of the best things about it is how easy it is to get online - I've checked my work emails out of work more often than ever over the last few days... I was also excited to find out how easy it is to read news online on an iPhone, something that has certainly made travelling a lot more entertaining than usual. So I thought I'd share the two stories that really caught my eye. One is a about a teenager who was given a boob job on the NHS at only 17. Here at Harley Medical, we'll only consider consenting adults for breast enlargements, but I do feel sorry for the poor girl for the rough treatment she's getting in the press. I'm not surprised she's come out asking people to leave her alone and saying that she hopes the attention dies down. The reason she was considered for a boob job in the first place is because her small breasts made her 'moody' - what's a lot of negative attention going to do to a vulnerable kid? The second story that got me thinking was one in the Daily Mail saying that women waste up to 650 million on clothes because they are in denial about the amount of weight they've put on over winter! So they just go out and buy clothes that are too small and use them as an incentive to try and lose weight apparently. I was going to pretend that I've never done that, but I totally have in the past. And yes, they are still hanging unworn in my wardrobe. This spring it will be different though - I'll buy accessories for my iPhone instead!