23 September 2010

While cosmetic surgery is fast becoming known for the variety of procedures on offer, it seems that breast surgery remains the most popular choice for many women. A new study carried out by the Association of Aesthetic Surgeons by Safer Cosmetic Surgery found woman are increasingly considering boob jobs to boost their chest size.It also revealed that Britain has the highest proportion of women hoping to go under the knife for larger breasts in Europe. According to the Daily Star, the research found that one in five respondents said they would love to increase their breasts by one or two sizes. Surprisingly, the survey reported many woman as saying they preferred the larger breasts of models such as Danielle Lloyd to the more natural shape of model Danielle Lineker. This is in opposition to prior research in the last few years, which has indicated that woman are more likely to go for a natural look. The Association of Aesthetic Surgeons study also claimed that half of all females would have cosmetic surgery if it boosted their confidence and made them feel younger. What's more, most also said they thought their sex lives would be improved if they felt happier with their figures. Earlier this year, it was revealed that an ever expanding number of women are also considering breast enlargement surgery as an investment for their wedding day. The number of women choosing to have cosmetic surgery before their big day outweighed the number of men choosing to do the same by 75 per cent to 25 per cent.