26 October 2009

I hadn't heard about the whole hoo-ha over former American beauty queen Carrie Prejan at all until a few days ago, when I read in the news that she may have to pay pageant officials for her boob job. Apparently, she borrowed the money for the procedure back when she was a contestant and they are claiming that she never paid it back. It all sounds very messy to me. I'm actually quite confused by the idea that the judges for the competition would pay for the boob job. I mean, surely contestants have to pay for anything from their fancy costumes to their non surgical procedures or plastic surgery themselves? Very strange if you ask me although I suppose I don't know very much about the pageant business in the US! But it doesn't get any clearer the more you look into it as far as I can tell. The beautiful girl was official dethroned in the summer when the officials said that she had breached her contract. Carrie then said that she was being discriminated against because of her religious views and that's when the officials hit back saying that she owed them money for her boob job. See what I mean? A complicated business for sure. It's a shame that this stunning looking girl seems to be hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons at the moment, but I do think it's a little silly that she claimed that the officials had caused her damage by revealing she's had a boob job. While everyone is entitled to their privacy when it comes to things like that, she was taking part in a massive competition where you appear in a bikini on stage! I think most people would be able to figure out that she's had a breast augmentation at that point. She looks fantastic either way though and I hope all the controversy calms down so that she can get on with the rest of her life - although I do think that now she is making plenty of money she should really pay back the money for her breast surgery!