11 May 2011

Consumers should be “suspicious of extremely low-price Botox” from unregistered clinics and practitioners, says Dr Claudio L DeLorenzi, past president of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Speaking on Australian television show Dr Oz, Dr DeLorenzi illustrated the point by comparing injectable treatments to purses. “Unlike fake purses, fake injectables can really hurt you, or worse”, he said. “Ask questions, check credentials, and do your homework. Real specialists have nothing to hide and will welcome your questions”, he added. The US equivalent of the Independent Health Advisory Service (IHAS) Treatments You Can Trust register, the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety, has released three essential things that patients should be aware of when considering cosmetic treatments. They are: do your research, ask about the brand name, and do not accept treatment if you don’t feel completely confident in the practitioner. Their advice follows the increased use of imitation Botox and other injectable treatments in unregistered clinics.