18 May 2011

Cosmetic surgery clinics in America have seen a rise in the number of Botox enquiries as patients prepare to look their best in time for the summer. Dr Monica Bonakdar, who runs a clinic in Orange County, has noticed a significant jump in the number of people asking for Botox, laser hair removal and other non-surgical treatments. She attributes this to the onset of warmer weather. Botox cosmetic is a great way to enjoy the sun, while maintaining youthful-looking skin, says Dr Bonakdar. It is injected into facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and provides an easy alternative to surgery. Men and women don't want to spend their summers recovering inside, so instead they are turning to simpler treatments. Dr Bonakdar also talked about the rise in popularity of laser hair removal as more people discover benefits such as permanently removed or reduced hair, and the reduction of ingrown hairs and rashes associated with shaving and plucking.