19 August 2009

In spite of the economic downturn, people are still concerned with their looks - something that is becoming increasingly apparent as the recession continues.New statistics have been revealed that show a large jump in the volume of wrinkle-relaxing injection treatments taking place in the UK. This has been attributed to the increasing demand for value for money from consumers, many of whom appear to be switching from expensive beauty creams to the cosmetic procedure. According to The Times, L'Oral's luxury products division - which includes Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome - has detailed a decline in sales totalling a 13 per cent drop over the first half of the year - whereas reports from The Harley Medical Group show a rise in non-surgical rejuvenation of 14 per cent. Mintel analyst, Alexandra Richmond, said that consumers were likely choosing Botox over expensive luxury products to save on cost whilst receiving a treatment that is certain to produce the results they want. She told The Times: "We know that older women tend to be more cynical of claims made by beauty products. With Botox, they know its going to work, so they go for the guaranteed results. "Weve become a lot lazier. We dont want to spend hours on make-up - we want to just get out of bed and look beautiful. This kind of procedure is becoming standard." Botox is also a treatment that many men and women are increasingly turning to in order to gain an advantage in the job market. By appearing more youthful whilst searching for jobs they feel a fresher appearance could help them gain an edge in what is currently a highly competitive market.