14 March 2013

Women touching underarmSweat is a naturally-created substance which is designed to cool down overheating bodies but at its worst, it is also the cause of a great deal of stress and anxiety. And it seems there's little anyone can do to control the amount of perspiration they produce, as it's caused by a range of factors which are natural reactions to the conditions in which we find ourselves. Most of these factors are dictated by our genetic make-up, but conditions such as primary hyperhydrosis can cause excessive sweating anywhere on the body, especially the palms, soles and underarms. Yet while applying deodorants and taking a cool shower are recommended for minimising its effect, Botox injections are also a way by which our bodies' sweat glands can be temporarily deactivated, according to Dr Susan Matheson, owner of a leading American cosmetic surgery clinic and founder of the website The injections can be effective for six to nine months, says Dr Matheson, and in American studies, have been proven to reduce some of the $2.7 billion which consumers spend on deodorants to stay sweat and stain-free.