07 May 2009

A new study has revealed that Botox injections could also have a beneficial effect on people with type 2 diabetes who suffer from chronic foot pain. The research, conducted by scientists at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan, has been published in the medical journal Neurology and reveals a dramatic drop in foot pain levels for diabetic patients who received the wrinkle busting jabs.The study was conducted in 18 patients, all of whom had type 2 diabetes and who complained of nerve-related pain in their feet as a result of this condition. The group was divided into two, with participants receiving either saline injections or Botox jabs in a dozen sites at the top of each foot over three months. After this period was over, the patients then switched over to another 12 weeks of the opposite treatment. During the study, patients were asked to attribute a value between zero and ten indicating the degree of pain suffered in their feet. At the start of the research, the average patient rating was 6.36. However, after 12 weeks of Botox injections, the average pain rating was 2.53 points lower, compared to a drop of just 0.53 per cent for patients receiving saline jabs. A significant number of patients experienced higher pain alleviation than average too, with 44 per cent reporting a pain reduction of at least three points. The researchers concluded that the wrinkle relaxing injections were "an effective and safe method of relieving diabetic neuropathic pain in the feet," but admitted than further investigations needed to be carried out. In the past, scientists have revealed that Botox injections - traditionally used to eliminate facial wrinkles - can play a role in alleviating migraines and combating excessive sweating.