16 February 2009

While many couples settle for dinner and a movie on Valentine's Day, it's thought that more are choosing to give gifts of Botox on 14 February. Dr Karen O'Neil, a cosmetic surgeon in Ontario, Canada, told 680 News that she's noticed an increase in people looking for non-surgical treatments to boost confidence and romance on Valentine's Day. She added that she's not surprised couples are turning to these treatment in order to look their best on this day more than others.Botox anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are two treatments that help men and women look and feel young and refreshed. Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday or special occasion that's seen a rise in Botox requests. Last month, an American newspaper reported that people across the country were seeking Botox injections in order to look their best for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. One cosmetic surgeon noted that the demand for Botox and dermal treatments tripled in the time leading up to inauguration day. Another survey found that more women were seeking out Botox as an alternative option to other cosmetic surgery procedures during the Christmas holidays. As the economic recession deepens, it's thought that many will seek out less expensive options in order to keep looking good without breaking the bank. However, surgeons around the world are reminding patients to seek out qualified surgeons to carry out these procedures, as they expect some clients to seek cheap procedures from unqualified practitioners which could cause harm.