Botox… for your boobs? Cosmetic Surgeon uses the injections to speed Breast Augmentation recovery

7 October 2015

A pioneering new method could see recovery times for Breast Augmentation patients dramatically reduced. An American Cosmetic Surgeon has begun using strategically placed Botox injections to relax the pectoral muscles following the procedure, reducing patient discomfort and improving the immediate results of a Breast Enlargement.

The thinking behind the innovation use of Botox injections addresses two primary concerns following the operation. During a Breast Augmentation the Surgeon makes an insertion into the pectoral muscles in order to lift it and position the implant. Much of the discomfort following the operation occurs while this muscle is healing; by relaxing the pectoral using Botox injections the healing process is expedited and less painful.

Tension in the pectoral can also mean, initially, breast implants sit too high on the chest and there’s a period of ‘settling in’ before the patient can see the final results of their surgery. Again, by relaxing the muscle the implants are Botox injections mean the implant is in the correct position.

Muscle relaxant is not an entirely new school of thought around Breast Augmentation and recovery, many Cosmetic Surgeons use Valium for the same reasons, however this medication affects the entire body as it’s present in the blood stream, Botox is a targeted alternative affecting just the pectoral muscle.

One patient who had undergone a Breast Augmentation complemented by Botox injections was delighted with the effects. “I had girlfriends who had it done and their breasts were really high and they were in pain for a few weeks… (with the injections) I felt great, like I hadn’t had it done, I was back to work in a few days. The implants settled really quickly.”

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Image credit: iordani/ Shutterstock