26 May 2009

TV superstar Esther Ranzten has her sights set on a new goal: a cleanup of British politics. According to an interview by Scotland on Sunday, Miss Rantzen is considering standing as an independent anti-sleaze candidate to Labour encumbent Margret Moran in the Luton constituency. Ms Moran is currently embroiled in the recent MP expense scandal, having claimed 22,500 to treat dry rot in her Southampton home - 100 miles from the constituency. Rantzen first shot to fame in the early 70s when she landed the role of chief presenter on That's Life!. Since then, she's supported numerous charities and graced the TV screen in a variety of roles - including a recent stint on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Particular highlights of her long career include setting up Childline in 1986 and being awarded a Bafta in 1988. However, the tragic death of her husband, celebrated film maker Desmond Wilcox, in 2000 saw Rantzen searching for ways to temper her grief. The 68 year old star threw herself into building a new life for herself following encouragement from her grown-up children. She stopped dying her hair, treated herself to Botox - quipping "you get a lovely serene forehead" - and launched into a new round of TV appearances. Now, the formidable star, who raised eyebrows on I'm a Celebrity with her frank discussion of cosmetic surgery, is set to try and shake up parliament. Speaking of the expense scandal, she claimed: "The people are shocked and are right to be shocked. "They want someone they can trust." It seems Rantzen hopes that she can be that figure, or at least get people thinking about potential alternative candidates.