06 April 2009

Botox injections are being praised as a way to reduce visible stress signs that appear on our faces. Journalist Alice BB documents her experiences after she chose to undergo Botox after realising a past relationship had left her with visible frown lines on her face. She wrote in the Daily Mail: "But though my broken heart did gradually mend, smack bang between my eyes were two deep crevices. They hadn't been there before I met him."In a bid to rid her face of the signs of stress and her past relationship, Alice booked an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon. Alice wrote that after having the jabs: "My permanently crumpled brow, a banner of unhappy memories, which had increasingly made me look sad, cross and tired, was now clear and light. And that's exactly how I felt." She added that she doesn't feel embarrassed for having the cosmetic surgery procedure. According to Alice: "Used in a sensitive way, Botox is brilliant. I've had Botox four times in the past three years. And I'm sure I will keep doing it." The report from Alice follows similar findings which indicate that Botox actually boosts your mood as well as your appearance. Experts from the University of Cardiff found in a study that those who choose to undergo the non-surgical procedure experienced a boost in mood. Since the jabs literally get erase, and prevent, frown lines, the researchers believe that the inability to look sad or stressed leads many to feel happier and positive.