20 October 2008

An increasing number of young people are experimenting with Botox as a way to halt the signs of aging, the Daily Mail reports.

In America, the trend has given rise to the moniker "Botox babies" and it has been reported that people as young as 15 have undergone the non surgical treatment to stop wrinkles before they have even begun to form.

While many reputable clinics will not administer the toxin to customers they deem as too young, a number of cosmetic surgeries in the UK have seen an increase in people in their mid-twenties looking for Botox treatments.

"Wrinklerexia" - a phenomenon that sees some people demand excessive Botox top-ups - hit the headlines recently as advice was issued to patients who were binging on the procedure. Typically, the effects of wrinkle-relaxing injections last for around three to six months but a recent trend has seen patients returning before necessary.

Additionally, a number of industry insiders fear that young people considering Botox will begin to see it as a beauty treatment and not a procedure that should only be undertaken by a trained professional. According to the Daily mail, Dr Kerri McPherson, chartered health psychologist at Glasgow Caledonian University said: "These girls see it as no different to using face creams.

"It seems like a risk-free and minor procedure, they see celebrities having it in their lunch break and they want it too."

Recent reports have also revealed that more men than ever are turning to Botox and other non surgical treatments to obtain a more youthful appearance.