19 October 2009

Cosmetic surgeons are reporting an increase in Botox treatments as patients are searching for affordable cosmetic surgery during the global economic downturn.El Paso Times reports that surgeons have seen a steadily increasing demand for wrinkle relaxing treatments throughout the recession, compared to more invasive procedures such as face lifts, which have experienced fluctuating demand in recent years. According to Dr Karen Herman of El Paso's Dermatology and Aesthetic Center, the improving economic climate is seeing more patients turn to Botox to reduce the appearance of wrinkles into middle age. Dr Herman observed a rise in demand since 2008, stating: "Now that things are getting better (economically) people are more apt to get it done. "With all cosmetic procedures, that's the one that's stayed the most stable." Although Botox treatments last for only a few months compared to the permanent effect of surgical procedures, their affordability is a major selling point, in addition to the treatment's easy application which usually takes no more than 15 minutes and can be performed without anaesthesia. Dr Herman explains: "Some people don't even want to consider a surgery to begin with, in good times or bad times, and Botox is such a quick and effective treatment." However, despite the comparatively easy application of Botox treatments, patients are still advised to seek out a reputable surgeon to carry out the procedure. Some people administer Botox without any medical training whatsoever, leading to predictably poor results that will last for several months.