26 November 2008

Botox injections have taken over parties in an American town in Michigan.

Dr. Greogry Roche, a cosmetic surgeon in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., has been providing Botox injections to women who gather for parties in the area.

Roche has been working to popularize his Botox parties in the sensible community, saying the cosmetic surgery procedure that's become popular on the east and west coasts of America hasn't caught on in his mid-west town.

The rise in Botox parties in America comes much to the dismay of UK cosmetic surgeons who do not support Botox parties and who warn against patients consuming alcohol while undergoing the injections.

Roche told the Detroit Free Press that those who attend Botox parties will often eventually choose to undergo a face lift, laser treatment or other cosmetic surgery procedure.

"It's the hot new thing, like a Tupperware party," said Barbara DiMaria, 55 while at one of Roche's Botox parties. "None of us needs Tupperware. A lot of us need this."

The Botox parties take place in Roche's kitchen and include hors d'oeuvres, cake and wine as you wait to receive your Botox treatment.