29 April 2010

Style queen Trinny Woodall has always been open about her use of cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks, and recently revealed the treatments she uses to hold back the years. Speaking with The Mirror, the 46-year-old presenter said she has wrinkle relaxing injections at least twice a year, as well as laser treatments."My secret to looking young is probably Botox," Trinny said. "I have done it since I was 35 and I am 46 now. I probably have it done twice a year. If you do it too often the muscles get used to it." The fashionista previously told Tatler magazine: "I would advise women not to be shy about admitting theyve had Botox - it just shows you want to look your best - and theres nothing wrong with that. I judge when I need a top-up of Botox by looking in the mirror to see if I can move more than half my forehead." Attending the Samsung 3D television launch event in London, Trinny gave further insight into her future plastic surgery choices, saying: "Recently my lovely man [cosmetic surgeon] said we need to address your neck." There are also a number of rumours concerning the star's plump lips, with many wondering whether she's had fillers. The former What Not to Wear star previously denied having surgery to her lips, however, stating: "I've had these lips all my life and I love them."