22 May 2009

TV star Trinny Woodall is currently under the spotlight for her slim frame, but the fashion guru claims that she's naturally slim. Trinny, along with co-host Susannah Constantine, rose to fame when the pair presented popular BBC show What Not To Wear and, more recently, Undress The Nation. The fashion duo routinely help woman find the right clothes to suit their shape. The pair have also published a number of motivational advice books for women concerning topics such as choosing the correct clothes for your body shape, as well as having designed a clothing range for Littlewoods.In reaction to comments about her weight the TV personality said: "I've been the same size for 20 years and am known for my greed! Diets are rubbish. "I often have a day when I stuff myself." However, looking good is important to the star and she has previously revealed a little non-surgical cosmetic help in achieving her polished good looks. According to the Daily Mail, the star uses Botox to maintain her visage and has said: "I'm not ashamed of it. "It's important to look good when you're in our position. You've got to practise what you preach." Trinny and Susanna's brand of reality TV has inspired several other programmes of a similar nature, one popular example being 10 Years Younger. This reality show sees Nicky Hambleton-Jones strip the years off members of the public with a range of cosmetic surgery treatments and help from stylists.