16 September 2010

With treatments such as Botox now being a normal part of many peoples' beauty regimes, the industry has launched a new voluntary register to make it easier for Botox users to find accredited clinics to carry out the delicate treatments. Those searching for reputable clinics to have the wrinkle relaxing treatments can now check whether or not the provider is listed on the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) registry. NDTV reports that around 200,000 people get the non surgical treatments each year, with around 5,000 providers offering the service. This has caused increasing demand for Botox to be subject to the same regulations as other forms of cosmetic surgery treatments, to ensure people are in good hands. "The consumers will need to look out for the quality mark which will assure them that if they go to that place, they'll get a properly clinically trained person and also proper cleanliness in the facilities," explained Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen of IHAS. Although IHAS accreditation is not a guarantee of safety, Botox users could drastically reduce their risk of complications from the treatments when they look for the IHAS logo, which NDTV compares to a clinic "getting a safety certificate." IHAS accreditation is voluntary, this means that the onus is on Botox users to ensure that the clinics they visit have chosen to pursue the quality mark, and have proven themselves worthy.