06 September 2007

"My problem area has always been my forehead. I grew up in Australia and the combination of squinting in the sunshine and not realising i needed glasses until quite recently has landed me with a too-furrowed brow that makes me look grumpy."

Easy Living'Botox - which side are you on?'

"I first started having Botox about six years ago at The Harley Medical Grop clinic in London and I think it makes me look a good five years younger. I don't have a lot, just in between my brows, which is why I think it still, hopefully, looks natural. Once you start having it round your eyes and all over your forehead, the lack of movement starts to tell. I'd rather spend 200 on Botox than on an expensive moisturiser. At least with Botox there's no pseudoscience. You know what you're getting and it really does work."Read more about and our non surgical guide.Contact us today to book your free botox consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.