09 September 2008

I heard that gorgeous Swedish TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson revealed she wants to get a breast reduction since having her fourth child. Her son, Malcolm Charles Trip Monet (quite a mouthful!), was born in June and - though she's undoubtedly overjoyed to have another baby - has left Ulrika feeling pretty unsexy.

Since becoming pregnant with Malcolm, Ulrika's breasts swelled to a weighty 34I. She's now at 34G but wants to get cosmetic surgery as soon as she's finished breastfeeding. She told GMTV that she felt as though her breasts were like two ping pong balls in bin liners. She certainly doesn't paint a picture of someone feeling totally comfortable with herself.

The former weathergirl is just one in a growing list of women deciding to go for surgery following pregnancy - I've certainly met a few. Sometimes pregnancy can have quite an effect on the way that women feel about their bodies, which I guess isnt that surprising considering what a lifestyle change becoming a mother is. Some feel that their post-natal bodies aren't as sexy anymore and are plagued with confidence issues just when they should be feeling most pleased with themselves.

Many women opt for breast surgery after giving birth - once they've stopped breastfeeding, that is. Whether it's reduction, enlargement or a breast uplift, cosmetic procedures on the breasts can really make a huge difference to mothers' confidence and the way they perceive their bodies.

Pregnancy is beautiful - there's no denying that. But if people are left feeling bad after the well-known 'glow' has worn off, there's nothing wrong with searching for something to put a spring back in your step - whether that's a new wardrobe or surgery - to regain some post-pregnancy perkiness. Let's hope Ulrika's surgery leaves her feeling sexier than ever!