17 November 2008

Hollywood A-list actor Brad Pitt may have undergone plastic surgery, following recent appearances where he has looked fresh-faced and years younger than just two months before.

New York cosmetic surgeon, Jennifer Walden, speculated on Pitt's possible treatments, conjecturing that the star appears to have had fillers injected into wrinkles on his face and facial-resurfacing procedures.

She said: "Before, Brads skin was ruddy, a result of aging from stress and sun exposure. Now, his skin is shinier and there are fewer wrinkles on his face, which indicates he had a resurfacing procedure, like a laser called Fraxel or a chemical peel.

"It also looks like hes had soft-tissue fillers, like Restylane or Juvderm, injected into his wrinkles."

"He has more volume to his face, specifically his laugh lines and under-eye cheek area. And he has even more tone to his skin."

The rumours come during filming for upcoming flick Mr and Mrs Smith 2, where Pitt will star alongside Jessica Alba as a professional assassin. Pitt's partner, fellow Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, has expressed discomfort at her husband's time on the set with Alba given that the two first met on the set of the original Mr and Mrs Smith. Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston at the time.

Both Jolie and Aniston have hit the headlines recently with speculations about plastic surgery. Jolie is rumoured to have undergone a tummy tuck - or mommy tuck - following the birth of twins and Aniston sparked rumours of a second rhinoplasty looming since a friend revealed she is still unhappy with her nose.