18 March 2014

Mother and daughterSociety leaders in Brazil have taken what's expected to be a step which will be followed by others, in moving to ban under-18s from undergoing Cosmetic Surgery. The move, "in order to protect their physical and mental health", according to online newspaper West-info.eu, comes in the face of reports of children as young as six having undergone Cosmetic Surgical procedures.If the law is enacted, it will make Brazil the second country to legally enforce such a ban, following Taiwan taking a similar step earlier this month. Currently, Brazil, along with Argentina, are the countries where the highest number of Cosmetic procedures are carried out, with young people commonly anxious to have adjustments made to their noses or breasts. "But the days of easy parental consent for their childrens nip and tuck operations could be numbered", says the report, while emphasising that any ban would exclude any reconstructive surgery considered necessary after an accident or illness. Here in the UK, doctors have called for Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery to be banned on girls under the age of consent, except in specific circumstances. - Do you think a legally enforceable ban on Cosmetic Surgery for under-18s is necessary? Let us know on Twitter.