26 December 2011

Questions have been raised as to whether Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has undergone cosmetic surgery. According to reports, the 49-year-old actor is said to be looking extremely fresh-faced and younger than ever, sparking rumours that he has opted for treatments other than skin creams. And now a Brazilian magazine has claimed that the action star has been speaking to a well-known cosmetic surgeon.Cruise, who is known worldwide for his roles in blockbusters including Top Gun, Mission Impossible and Minority Report, is said to have met with world-famous Brazilian surgeon Dr Ivo Pitanguy, a specialist in reconstructive and plastic surgery. EPOCA magazine has reported that the actor has even enjoyed lunch with Dr Ivo on the surgeon's private island off Brazil. Other publications however have said that Cruise, who will turn 50 next July, has simply been making use of skin care products belonging to his wife Katie Holmes in a bid to retain his youthful appearance.