11 April 2011

A New York plastic surgeon has dubbed the craze for altering breast size more than once the �goldilocks phenomenon�, in an interview with Beck/Smith Hollywood. Dr Robert Grant, a plastic surgeon to many celebrity women, uses the term to describe women who choose to have breast implants to make their chest bigger and who then decide to go smaller again later in life. Far from being simply a case of changing their minds, Dr Grant thinks it�s down to a number of other, physical factors. Speaking to the online magazine, Dr Grant said: �Most often it�s simply a matter of their bodies changing as they get older or have kids.� �Sometimes it�s because they�ve lost weight, and the implants they had five or ten years earlier no longer look the way they did.� They get implants put in, and over time, gravity works on them as it does on our bodies.� With changes in the structure of the skin, the loss of elasticity, the implants droop.� Then they can get into a cycle of getting implants, then getting new ones until they can start to look ridiculous.� Eventually, you can have a reconstructive challenge�, he added. Sharon Osbourne, Kendra Wilkinson, Heidi Montag, and Victoria Beckham are all so-called goldilocks gals, having had breast implants and then had them taken out or replaced with smaller ones.