25 July 2012

Women who are engaged in a serious exercise regime can still enjoy a feminine figure without having to compromise on body fat levels, according to a cosmetic professional. Female athletes, especially those who are regularly involved  in high-intensity aerobic exercise, often find that as their body mass reduces, so does the size of their breasts. Breasts contain fatty tissue and so general weight loss often affects this specific area of the body.However, according to Denver-based plastic surgeon Gregory Buford, women can undergo breast augmentation surgery in order to achieve a natural-looking body shape that boosts their self-confidence and fits with their athletic lifestyle. He said implants can now be placed under a person's muscle tissue so they will not interfere with the muscle activity and will be less obvious - ideal for women involved in activities such as racquet sports or golf. "The surgery takes longer and requires more recovery time than an implant placed above the muscle (sub-glandular), but the more natural-appearing results are worth the extra effort," Dr Buford said. Anyone considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure should first discuss the available options with a qualified surgeon, he added.