27 March 2012

Breast augmentation and so-called ‘mummy makeovers’ are on the rise ahead of the summer months and the bikini season. This is according to the latest statement from The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas, which read: ‘The initial motivating factor for the increase in 2012 procedures is the desire to hold fast to New Year’s Resolutions and get in shape before swimsuit season arrives, and patients with children, jobs and full schedules are turning to medical assistance to help their cause’.Dr Leo Lapuerta, owner of the plastic surgery clinic, said that breast augmentation is often used in conjunction with other procedures to ‘restore’ women’s bodies after childbirth. Latest figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, released last week, showed that in 2011 325,000 ‘mummy makeover’ procedures were performed across America, on women aged between 20 and 39. Dr Lapuerta believes that women are looking into such procedures at a much younger age than in previous years. See original story here: http://www.chron.com/business/press-releases/article/Houston-Plastic-Surgery-on-the-Rise-with-the-3434953.php