31 March 2010

Looks as though I was right on target with the most talked about cosmetic surgery topic earlier this week. On Monday I wrote about boob jobs and the way people have been changing the way they think about breast enlargements in general, and since then I've heard a lot more discussion about breast surgery hit the wires. All the chat has got me thinking that breast enlargements are still a big concern, even in times of financial strain! It's true that a lot of people have had to scale down their cosmetic surgery plans in the wake of the recession (luckily we've plenty of non surgical treatments and payment plans to suit people feeling a little strapped for cash) but it seems pretty obvious that boob jobs remain a popular choice with all kinds of women. It's just that women are starting to turn to a more natural, subtle look in their breast enhancements.Here at The Harley Medical Group, we love seeing women coming in looking for ways to enhance their looks and achieve the most natural appearance possible, and our consultants help women decide what size of implants is best suited to their shape and which will give them the best results. We only use Allergan Implants for all of our breast augmentations, as these seem to give a more natural shape and feel. This, and the skill of our highly qualified surgeons, means that women can enjoy breast enlargements that have a subtle yet most desirable effect - so it's more than likely that unless they tell all, most people won't be able to tell they've had breast surgery in the first place.