21 April 2011

A New York-based plastic surgeon has spoken out to say that breast enlargement surgery is about a lot more than just size. Dr Scott Newman, a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, told the Sun Herald newspaper that the majority of his patients are interested in achieving the right sized breasts for their shape, rather than “overpowering breasts that enter the room before their body does.”  “There are many reasons women seek enhancements; centrefold boobs are a small portion,” Dr Newman explained.  “Most of my patients are average women who want to look great in a bathing suit, as well as in a business suit,” he added. “Other motivating factors include asymmetrical breasts, post-surgery reconstruction, post-pregnancy sagging, underdevelopment and body proportioning”, he added. He went on to explain that while a desire to increase their bust size is one of the reasons why women undergo breast surgery, they also choose this procedure to restore the fullness of their breasts after pregnancy or medical treatment, and often to even out asymmetrical breasts.