22 December 2011

An increase in the number of women undergoing breast enhancement procedures shows no sign of slowing, according to industry figures. According to a report by The Guardian newspaper, an estimated 25,000 women have breast implants each year, although this figure does not include those who go abroad for surgery.Boob jobs have become the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in Britain, with almost 9,500 procedures carried out by professionals registered with the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in 2010. The trade body represents around one third of cosmetic surgeons operating in the UK. According to the newspaper, although the precise number of breast enlargement operations can be difficult to ascertain, the procedure is becoming more popular. Professor Simon Kay, a consultant plastic and hand surgeon at St James' University Hospital in Leeds, said: "The thing about breast augmentation is that it's a very safe procedure, very reliable, with a very high rate of satisfaction, and a very low complication rate."