12 March 2009

For women dealing with unemployment, many are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to make the right impression at interviews. Many cosmetic surgery clinics are reporting a boost in the number of women seeking breast enlargement surgery during the recession.In addition to a rise on procedures chosen by women, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has noted that men are also seeking breast surgery in order to correct 'man boobs', and that male brow lifts were also up by 60 per cent. The BAAPS has noted that in 2008, 34,000 cosmetic procedures were carried out, and 91 per cent of those were on women. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Brian Newman said: "Jobs are difficult to come by at the moment and first appearances are important." He added that cosmetic surgery - including procedures like thread vein removal and skin peels - help boost confidence. He said: "Many people are finding it gives them an extra boost of confidence at interviews to rid themselves of marks, its perfect preparation for an interview." Another recent report from the Financial Times has showed that businessmen are turning to cosmetic surgery treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers, in order to help them do business. Many have noted that looking great at meetings helps them feel more confident, meaning they're more likely to win and maintain customers.