Breast reduction patients the happiest of all

27 May 2011

A recent survey asked women who had undergone cosmetic surgery how happy they were with the results, and breast reduction surgery patients were revealed as the most content. A plastic surgery forum showed that 86 per cent of breast reduction patients described the procedure as ‘worth it’, which placed it in the top 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in terms of patient satisfaction. The positive comments, posted on, will come as no surprise to many plastic surgeons who see the chronic back and neck pain women with overly large breasts can suffer with. Dr Gus Galante, a specialist plastic surgeon working in Indiana, said: “I've noticed for years that breast reduction typically produces a level of satisfaction that matches or exceeds even the most popular of procedures, such as breast augmentation, at my Indiana practice. “In my opinion, this is because there are real physical benefits to the surgery, as well as emotional ones,” he added.