05 July 2012

Twin sisters from New Jersey in the US have finally put years of back pain and cruel teasing behind them by having life-changing breast reduction surgery. Tanesha and Tiwan Sweet, 42, both had size 40G breasts and were unsure about going under the knife until they discovered their health insurance would cover the cost of surgery.In most cases it is considered a cosmetic procedure and must be paid for by the patient, but in some instances it is classed as reconstructive surgery because it can ease physical pain and improve self-esteem. Speaking to ABC News, Tanesha explained she used to suffer from near-constant back spasms, while she felt so uncomfortable about her shape that she wore two bras and a sweater, no matter what the heat was outside. Her breasts have now been reduced to a 38DD and she claimed the procedure has changed her life as the discomfort has gone and she can wear different types of clothes. "If you're having back pain and there's emotional pain, I would say to do it. I wish I would have done it sooner, she said. Women with very large breasts can also experience neck and shoulder pain, while they may suffer from rashes that can get infected. See original story here: