25 June 2012

A mother has spoken out about her daughters breast reduction surgery, revealing that the procedure allowed her to enjoy life once again. In an interview published by, Vivian Mampa said: My daughter has been given another opportunity to lead a normal life. Vivians daughter, 24-year-old Florence, underwent lengthy surgery to reduce her breasts, five years after they began to grow abnormally as the result of a non-cancerous tumour. Dr Luckson Kasonka, who performed the cosmetic surgery operation, told the Zambia Daily Mail that 8.1kgs of flesh was removed from the left breast, and 8.15kg from the right. In an interview following her daughters operation, Vivian said: She is sleeping at the moment but she is doing fine and the operation went well. We are extremely grateful to Government and management at UTH (University Teaching Hospital) for support. We will forever remain indebted to them. See original story here: