31 July 2012

New research shows that women who have turned to cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of their breasts are very satisfied with the results. A study by Dr Line Breiting of Herlev Hospital, Denmark, looked at data provided by 125 women who had undergone breast reduction surgery, and surgeons operating in Denmark's private and public health sectors.Six months after their treatments, almost 90 per cent of patients rated their satisfaction level as either "good" or "very good". This percentage fell to 80 per cent after one year. Medical experts shown before and after photographs of the women were more critical however, posting ratings of "good" or "very good" in 75 per cent of cases. The research also highlighted the importance that surgeons place on technical factors such as the position of the nipple, while patients were found to base their level of satisfaction on aesthetic factors, for example how symmetrical their breasts were following surgery. Dr Breiting and the co-authors of the report highlighted the link between a patient's level of understanding prior to a procedure and satisfaction afterwards. "One must not underestimate the importance of factors like pre-operative information about the surgery and complications, together with proper and qualified care," the report said. "The better the information and the higher the confidence level, the better was the outcome." See original story here: