09 July 2014

Although many pin ups are admired for their busty cleavages, they often suffer from negative side effects one example being Macromastia (large breasts), whereby a woman will experience severe back and shoulder pain along with chronic headaches. In addition to these physical ailments, psychological side effects include a lack of confidence, low self-esteem and even depression. However, Reduction Mammoplasty (otherwise known as Breast Reduction surgery), can remedy this condition. By removing any excess fat, skin in the targeted areas as well as glandular tissue, this reduces the size of the breast to a much more comfortable cup size which in turn, gives a more balanced proportion to the rest of the body. Yet patients must bear in mind that since comfort is the desired outcome of this surgery, they can expect an improved quality of life (QOL) and not that of a cosmetic transformation. To be eligible for this procedure, New York-based Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Robert T. Grant says candidates must answer yes to either one of the following questions: Are the breasts a disproportionate size to the rest of the patients body? Does the size of the breast impose restrictions in partaking in certain physical activities i.e. jumping? Should the patient agree to either statement, this makes them a suitable candidate with the Cosmetic Surgeon then discussing the procedure in further detail, as well as the recovery process. With over 42,000 patients undergoing Breast Reduction procedures in the US in 2012, this statistic just goes to show that women are leaning towards quality as opposed to quantity. Have you had a Breast Reduction? What were your reasons for doing so? Wed love to hear your thoughts post your stories on Facebook today!