01 June 2009

Recent figures have indicated that a large number of women choosing breast reduction surgery are doing so to alleviate pain. While breast reductions are the fifth most common cosmetic surgery procedure in the US, many of the women who opt for the surgery are undergoing it for non-cosmetic reasons. Large breasts - or macromastia - can cause pain, discomfort, rashes and a restriction of activates. The Daily Mail reports that the newer breast surgery techniques also leave a much smaller scar than previous operations. Tennis star Simona Halep, 17, has revealed that she plans breast reduction surgery in the next year as she finds her 34DD breasts interfere with her performance on the court. She is one of many young women planning the surgery as a means to alleviate pain. While the 140,000 US women who underwent reduction surgery last year were outnumbered by breast augmentations at 365,000, the American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery revealed that about 46 percent of the women who had breast reduction surgery were between the ages of 35 and 50. 10 per cent were between 19 and 34. According to the Daily Mail, Dr Alain Polynice, author of Your Complete Guide to Breast Reduction, said: "Usually a patient is very satisfied right after the surgery because the weight and the pain are gone right away. "Ive removed up to four pounds or more per side, which is like having an eight-pound baby strapped around your neck." The results support a UK survey by Mintel which found that slimming procedures were becoming increasingly popular. The analyst discovered that tummy tucks and liposuction were the most appealing options to UK respondents, with two in five considering a tummy tuck and a third interested in liposuction. Only 19 per cent indicated that they would contemplate breast enlargements.